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Open House and Registration Information Evening
Wednesday, February 6 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Come and meet our Educators, receive a tour of our facilities and take home a registration information package. All the registration details are available at Preschool. Our Preschool has been around for our 25 years and we have lots of parking and a building dedicated to our Preschool.

Forms (for 2019 - 2020 school year)

Important Registration Information for all programs

One's Registration, Fundraising Information and Student Profile

Two's Parent Participation and/or Two's First Separated Experience Registration, Fundraising Information and Student Profile

Three's Registration, Fundraising Information, Student Profile, and Medical Form

Four's Registration, Fundraising Information, Student Profile, and Medical Form

Tell Me About The Preschool

The Tuxedo Community Center Preschool is located at 368 Southport Boulevard, near the intersection of Corydon and Kenaston. The Preschool, which has its own dedicated building, is part of the Tuxedo Community Centre and is run by a volunteer Board that oversees the Preschool and various sports programs the Community Centre offers throughout the year. Located in the mature and peaceful neighborhood of Tuxedo, the Preschool has been in existence for more than 25 years. We offer a theme based program for children ages 1 to 4 years old at different days and times throughout the week. (See specific programs details listed) Our preschool provides an early years experience for about 140 children each year with a maximum group size of 20 children. The program runs over a 34 week period, starting in September of each year and ending in early June. Here is sample of a monthly activity calendar for October.

Tell me about the 3’s and 4’s Licensed Program

The 3 and 4 year old program is a not for profit, government funded licensed preschool (Nursery School) facility. As a licensed program, subsidy is available through the Manitoba Government-Families, Early Learning and Child Care Program which is the department that oversees the licensing of our preschool. Annual inspections ensure a safe & healthy environment, along with a quality program which will be delivered throughout the year ensuring a wonderful Preschool experience for your child. The Preschool is licensed to a maximum of 20 children for both the three and four year old program and we offer a choice of a morning or afternoon program. A teacher, teacher assistant and parent volunteer are interacting with the children during the program. Tuxedo Preschool is a member of the Manitoba Child Care Association (MCCA). MCCA advocates for a quality system of child care, provides professional development and guidance to our Early Childhood Educators (ECE) as well as has resources and reports available to keep them informed of the latest information, curriculum materials and research articles. Our team of Early Childhood Educators - teachers have had specific training on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical stages of early childhood development and therefore will be able to deliver a program very specific to your child's needs and abilities. Your child will have a wonderful experience while they are away from you - sometimes this is their first separated experience and we want to make sure it is a positive and happy one! For more information on these program see our 3’s Program or 4’s Program.

The following plans have been approved by Manitoba Family Services and Housing, Child Care Program and were developed for the Tuxedo Community Centre Preschool Licensed 3's and 4's preschool programs.

Curriculum Statement
Code of Conduct
Safety Plan
Inclusion Policy

Questions? Please contact Liz Dryden, the Director of Tuxedo Preschool at 204-896-0959 or email .

We have a Dedicated Preschool Building

The Preschool Building has an upstairs room for the 3 and 4 year old program which is a bright and cheerful place for your child to spend his/her morning or afternoon amongst friends and Educators. The lower level is where the 1's and 2's program is held with a Parent or Guardian Participating with their children and a facilitator. We offer a 2s First Separated experience as well. The building and space is designed for flexibility in order to accommodate very busy toddlers. Many different toys are put out on a rotation basis to enhance your child's large and small motor skill development. In addition to the dedicated Preschool rooms the building also has a small sitting room for parents to visit while waiting to pick their children up or for a quick visit with other families before starting the morning or afternoon class. Outside the Preschool, the children can enjoy a safe, fenced play area that has play structures, a climbing 'dinosaur' and of course the favorite sandbox. There is also plenty of parking that allows for easy drop off and pick up of your children. The Tuxedo Community Centre is committed to keeping the Preschool a vibrant place and as such is constantly investing in new toys and learning equipment to enhance your child's learning experience.

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The entire teaching staff at the Tuxedo Community Centre Preschool is first and foremost concerned with the social well being of your child. And, as professionals, they are willing to talk to you confidentially about any concerns or suggestions that you have that would enhance the Preschool experience for your child and your family.

Preschool Outside Preschool Inside

For specific programs select an option below:

Moms, Dads and Ones
Moms, Dads and Twos
Three Year-Old Program
Four Year-Old Program

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